Thursday, October 9, 2014

Electronic Communication on Community Development

Community development is the process of helping a community to strengthen itself and develop toward its full potential. Communication is the key component of sustainable and human development.

In the Philippine setting, one of the major problems is Lack of employment.  With the use of Electronic communication, the rate of unemployment can be decreased. It can provide jobs in the Business process outsourcing or known as Call/Contact Centers in which they can communicate with the people from other countries. Many Filipinos are fluent in speaking English and many developed countries like China, Korea and Japan need to keep with the global standard by learning the English language.

Electronic communications creates a new form of many-to-many communications that lets geographically distributed groups communicate interactively and simultaneously through text, sound and video. Actually for me it's a big help, It requires only few seconds to communicate with my students because it supports quick transmission. 

I also think that due to advancement of electronic communication, businessmen can easily control operation across the globe. You can hold inexpensive video conferences from your desk, or conference with people at several desks located across the world.

Electronic communication is not only for providing employment or making the business life easier, it is also very important for information dissemination. It is necessary for people are aware of what is happening around them, with the use of an advance technology, we can spread important information that people need to know. So I can say Electronic communication is really a big help in community development.

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