Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"honor your father and mother"

Wonderful people in my Life <3

I know it’s a bit awkward for me to write something about my parents because I am too old for this kind of topic, but since I really want to show how grateful I am for having such wonderful parents, I think they deserve to have a space in my blog site.

I love my parents not only because they gave me life, I love them because of many reasons. I have my ups and downs but my parents are always there to protect, guide, and love me for who I am. They may have different parenting style but I still love them equally; they just have their own ways of showing their parental affection.

I know that my mom will do anything for me and my sister, she disciplined us with love and care. I thank her for being strict even if it’s too much. She made me realize that, “without discipline there is no success at all”. I also thank my dad for guiding me and making my life easier. I really owe them a debt of gratitude.

They may not be perfect parents, they have mistakes as all humans have. I feared my mom for being too tight and sensitive and I hated my dad for being too kind. But then I am really thankful because they have raised me well. One thing I admire about them, after college, they let me live my life the way I want it to and let me enjoy the fruit of my hard work. They always tell me to save money for myself. It’s good to hear those things from my parents but I always look forward to do something that would make them realize that, indeed, they have raised me well. I thank God for giving me the most wonderful parents and I promise to honor them for the rest of my life. <3