Wedding is not just a dream, it really needs to happen!

I’ve been in a relationship with Rogan since we were in High School. We actually didn’t think about getting married so seriously. We thought it’s just a piece of paper saying that we are committed for a lifetime and we were not ready to jump into that too quickly, until one day, we felt the “PRESSURE”. Whenever we go somewhere or even when we post something on Facebook, there are always some people who keep on asking when are we going to tie the knot. We only “SMILE” and leave the question unanswered since we don’t really know what to say.

We’ve been together for 12 years now and we can really notice the difference in the way people talk to us. When we go to the mall, people often mistaken us for being married couples. Sometimes it feels awesome, but most of the time it’s awkward. So we bumped into a very deep conversation a couple of weeks ago.

We decided to get married next year, December 09, 2017. I was happy to hear those plans from him, as if he wants to share the rest of his life with me. (But I am still hoping for a simple yet romantic proposal like every other girl’s dream). We chose this date because it is a year from now, we have enough time to save up, cut the cost and the stress.

We dove right into planning for our budget. I believe that this is the hardest part of this whole thing because we  don’t make tons of money (but we are working our ass off on improving that). I want to be the one to organize everything because I think wedding planners and packages will cost us an arm and a leg. (Of course wedding planners will not do anything without a commission. It’s a business know) and I think I can haggle on the price if I will be hands-on in looking for wedding suppliers.

We thought of investing in the stock market in 2014. Though that money will be enough to fund our wedding, we decided NOT to withdraw our funds. The thing that scares us is that, nothing will be left after the wedding bills. We know that things are going to be tight, especially when we are about to have our own family. (You must consider that too…)

I know that wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, but for me, it doesn’t mean that we have to spend all our money in our accounts. There are many things to consider not only that, especially when we know that we could hardly afford a fancy wedding ceremony.

Our budget is around 250,000 pesos for an intimate simple wedding good for 100-150 guest, I am being realistic about how much we can afford and I am adamant to stick with it. (We don’t want to be in debt after the wedding, It might lead to divorce. (JOKE! Philippine courts forbid divorce according to the "Family Code of Laws" haha).

I am currently canvassing for the venue, entourage outfits, church, videographers and flower arrangements and I am telling you, it isn’t as easy as pie. You will see a lot of beautiful things that can make you change your mind, even it is out of your budget. 

Anyway, this is just the start of my journey as a BRIDE-to-be. I'll keep you posted, so stay tuned!

DECEMBER 22, 2016

It is 12 months before the big day. We already hired a team of photographers and videographers who offer quality yet affordable coverage services in wedding with free pre-nuptial shoot.

To my surprise, Photo/Video coverage is a way too expensive than what I was expecting. We planned to just spend 30,000 pesos for this. I thought that is enough to have a quality wedding album. I was surprised when we inquired about the prices, one team suggested a 70,000 worth of services. (OMG! We can’t afford that) So we looked for a cheaper one. Luckily, one of my big sisters in high school recommended REEL STILLS.

We didn’t want to procrastinate, we are thinking that many photographers will be fully booked in December because it’s one of the most popular months for a wedding. We also knew that they are going to raise their prices by January 2017, so we chased the availability of the package and inclusion while it’s still a little inexpensive.

I went to the REEL STILLS’ office around 8 pm, December 19, 2016. Actually, I had been looking at their video and photo coverage at Facebook before we decided to avail their package. When they were showing their works, I told them that we already want to book now. They were a bit shocked since I haven’t seen the album yet they thought I am just there to inquire.

They have 2 kinds of packages, The 1st one worth 45,000 and the 2nd one is only 35,000. I went to their office planning to avail the first package, but I changed my mind because the only difference between the two packages is that, the 45,000 has 2 photographers and 2 videographers while the 35,000 has 2 photographers and only one videographer. Our wedding is actually not so big, so we don't need too many people to cover our wedding. Finally, we chose the 2nd package. (so problem solved, Right?)

My advice for those who are planning their wedding now, before you choose a team for your wedding coverage, make sure you have an idea about the output of their work and if it is suitable to your budget. Don’t push yourself into something that you can’t afford. A wedding is not a contest. It is sacred and a once in a lifetime experience. Stick to what makes you comfortable and happy. Remember, the best way to impress other people is to KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE FOR A LIFETIME. (we are ready to impress you! ahah)

That's all for today, so wait for the next update! stay tuned!