Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dare to Change!!!

Before I was thinking that Development Communication is only for those people who desire to become news Anchors, Journalists or editors so, I was thinking-twice whether I would enroll or not. Since I have decided to enroll, I've realized that Development communication would definitely change your views in life.
Honestly, I really want to be hired in a government agency as a public relations officer. This career field aims to gain understanding and support for clients, as well as, to influence opinion and behavior, it will also help me understand the uses of all forms of media and communication to build and sustain good relationships between the employing organization and its clients. I think development Communication would really help me in achieving my goal, and with this course I would be able to improve the key skills that a public relations officer must possess. I would know how to transfer information correctly, build a development plan for communication and build trust with other people; I would also know how to apply different development communication theories. I chose this course because I believe that I can develop my skills and abilities in communication. This course will help me to become an effective public relations officer in the future.