Monday, February 16, 2015

Heaven's Touch at Arca's yard cafe!!!

Arca's Yard Cafe <3

I was intrigued when I heard something about Arca’s yard café.  So I decided to follow it on Facebook. When I saw some pictures on their page, I was amazed, that kind of place is what we were looking for. Arca’s yard café is unique and comfortable; this would be an ideal place to visit with a group of friends.

Arca’s yard café is located at 777 tiptop, Ambuclao, Road, Baguio City. Actually we were a bit panicked when we were trying to find this place until when we saw the huge tea pot in front the gate, its Arca’s yard café’s profile picture. Ha-ha.  It is a bit far from town but easily accessible. We came to this place with a fare of less than 90 pesos from SM.

Inside this cozy cafe, there is a mini museum and a large free library, but if you are not fond of reading books you can enjoy looking at some antique furniture.

We tried the Arca's sweet potato ala mode, bread with dip and Arca’s cloud tea (hot tea with cream on top) Hmmm Delicious!!! 

Though we have waited for few minutes, the waiting time would never be a problem with all the paintings and pictures on the wall. You can also enjoy the scenic view at the veranda. Prices are reasonable relative to the quality of the food. Arca’s sweet potato ala mode costs only 95 pesos, bread with dip for 75 pesos and Arca’s cloud tea costs 75 pesos. They don't have meals on their menu, but they serve it if you ask them.

So if you want to try a different café from those usual ones, Arca’s yard café for me, is one of the best here in Baguio city.  You can have a relaxed afternoon with friends over tea. yum yum!!!