Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You will never be grumpy at Grumpy Joe!!!

Grumpy Joe Restaurant

I and my boyfriend can be considered as “food-explorers” because we want to taste different food from different restaurants.

One day, I was craving for Italian food, so I asked one of my friends to recommend a restaurant which serves mouth-watering pizzas and pastas.  She suggested the Grumpy Joe restaurant. I became curious because of its name. Until I realized that we will never be grumpy at GRUMPY JOE because they serve the best Italian-American food. This restaurant is located at Leonard Wood Rd. Baguio City near Pink sisters’ convent.

At first I was a bit disappointed. The restaurant was full of customers at that time, so we have waited for 30 minutes outside to just get a table. (probably because of its good food, it made me think that anything that is worth-having is definitely worth-waiting for).

Here's the list of what we have ordered for dinner,

Spaghetti costs 160 pesos only and I can say that it is good for 2-3 persons. You will certainly love the food here especially if you are into Filipino style. Their spaghetti is one of the most delicious spaghetti I have ever eaten. It’s a bit sweet but you will never feel jaded after eating too much of it. The serving is BIG!!!

Pesto pasta costs 160 pesos.This is superb. I highly recommend this one; this food is great if you want to satisfy your appetite. (I LOVE CREAMY PESTO PASTA)

Combo meals:

Rice, Buffalo wings and potato salad costs 150 pesos.This is quite ordinary for me; it didn't amaze me that much.

Spaghetti,Pizza,Buffalo wings and French fries costs 150 pesos.I recommend this one If your budget is tight. This food can fill your stomach. One meal is enough to occupy your mouth and your tummy.


Pizzas cost around 400-500 pesos. (It depends on the toppings)
The middle of the pizza was soggy and seemingly undercooked, while the toppings are pretty crispy and delicious. It was ok but next time I will make sure that they will cook the dough well.
Smoothies cost around 120-145 pesos.
Yogurt smoothie is more expensive of course. This is one of the reasons why we always come back here. They have the yummiest smoothie ever.

 Onion rings costs 120 pesos
I don't even like onions, but these taste so good with Garlic mayo!!!

 So if you want to taste something new and you like a large and sumptuous meal(Just like us),
visit Grumpy Joe and enjoy its yummy treats.
 Store hours:10am-9pm daily.