Wednesday, October 15, 2014

E-Communications in Knowledge Management and Information

The search for information is not a "new" challenge. We can have a huge amount of information available through the internet. That’s why many people claimed it as the most valuable tool in various settings of a person’s life; it is used to send information quickly between computers around the world.
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I believe that the internet is the most powerful source of information, it carry different kinds of information, facts, details and services. For example Web blogs, these are popular now days and companies have utilized this tool to create awareness and evolve opinions on different issues but we have to be certain to check the credibility of our information sources before deciding how to view others opinions and claimed facts. 

We can say that E-communication is a useful tool for information dissemination and knowledge management.According to Stan Garfield, Knowledge Management is the art of transforming information and intellectual assets into enduring value for an organization’s clients and its people.

With the use of Electronic communication, knowledge management has become easier. Many people say that “time is gold”. Through E-communication people can get a significant quantity of information with reference to a topic in a short time and regardless of geographic barriers, it allows people to access different point of views.

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