Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Ideal workplace

Our Unique culture

Our team
                             An attractive workplace culture cannot be achieved without effort.  Common features of positive office cultures include a secure and open line of communication which is absolutely necessary for any companies to continue to operate efficiently. I can say that an attractive workplace culture is essential for attracting and keeping quality workers, and for achieving the company goals.

                 In our company we have this unique culture, wherein we are gathered on our lunch break once or twice a month to have a pizza meal and talk about our work problems, suggestions and complaints (we call it “the Pizza day”).  I know that it is actually a strategy to encourage all employees to help one another, to be honest, this is one of the reasons why I really enjoy working in Pines International Academy because they give everyone an equal participation at the same time we are indulged with free food ha-ha; This is also the right time when we can have a casual conversation with our bosses and co-workers, our bosses even call us Ading or Kabsat on our “Pizza day", so there is no tension between Employees and Bosses, we can definitely share whatever thoughts and Ideas we have.

                         I can say that it is one of our unique cultures because our CEO agrees to put in some money for more or less 10 boxes of pizza, chips, coffee or sodas to feed all teachers and admin staff in Research and Development department (yeah, it looks like a picnic for an hour!!!), I think not all companies will agree with this Idea just to make their employees well-pampered “regularly” but our CEO always say that happy employees tend to be industrious ones. (Well, I really love the way he thinks).

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  1. A good idea of you CEO though. Happy employees are the ones who are productive as well.

  2. a good atmosphere and a sense of belongingness is really important in a workplace..nice post..

  3. As long as your comfortable and love what you are doing your work place really doesnt matter at all. Thanks! It just show how appreciative person you are even to the smallest thing you find value.

  4. for me, there's no little thing as long as someone is willing to put in the effort, , ...thanks for reading this blog...

  5. Thats why i admire you.. Thumbs up ! ��������������

  6. Happy workers are the real asset of the company. Lucky we are that we have bosses who are approachable and considerate! Indeed, that light and casual atmosphere breaks the barrier between the superiors and the workers.

  7. Awwww, your company sounds like a great example of a working environment that treats each other as family.

    I heard your CEO is a foreigner and knowing that he values the company's employees is impressive. Also proves that whoever and wherever, all cultures agree on one thing---pizza!!!

  8. exactly... everybody loves pizza... aha...

  9. year right,employees should be pampered coz of their hard work