Thursday, February 12, 2015

You will never be SAD at SAGE!!!

Good food cozy ambiance? Then you must try SAGE restaurant!!!

First of all I would like to thank Rogan Coilan for giving me a title phrase that would make this blog more attractive. Though it sounds a bit "childish" just like my first food blog, (You will never be grumpy at Grumpy Joe). I think it's not a bad idea to rhyme words. rhyming helps to make the words ring in your head.

Since Valentines’ day is coming. I guess some of you are thinking of a nice place to dine. I highly recommend Sage restaurant. It is worth-visiting because of its cozy ambiance. It is located at Military cutoff Rd. Baguio City.

When we went here, we were able to get comfortable seats at the couch area because it was not yet dinner time. It felt cozy, maybe because of the lighting and decors. I can see flowers everywhere and the Lavender theme made me feel at peace.

I and my boyfriend are not fond of eating appetizers before the main course. So to start off, we ordered spare ribs, seafood pasta and baked macaroni roll for the main.

I am not into heavy meals but according to my boyfriend, the spare ribs with a sauce was tasty and Juicy, He liked the sweet sauce but if you put too much, it may cause you to feel jaded. The serving is pretty BIG and the price is around 240-260 pesos but it is worth it.

The baked macaroni roll was also delicious but I couldn't eat even half of it. I don’t enjoy Italian style that much I prefer Filipino-style just like that “Jollibee-spaghetti taste”. ha-ha.  It costs 140-150 pesos only, it is affordable.
The Shrimp in pesto pasta is another dish that is inexpensive but super yummy. I absolutely loved this dish, the taste of the seafood really came through. it's 180 pesos.

We recommended SAGE to these two lovely people. 

For the desert, I ordered strawberry cheesecake. My boyfriend doesn't like sweets, so he just waited for me to finish my desert. The cake was the yummiest cheesecake I have ever tried. I like the strawberry toppings and the plating was fantastic. The rich taste of the cheesecake soothes my soul gently. The brown crust matched the cheese, so the taste was adequate. I felt like I was in heaven. (we have different opinions and I am not exaggerating).

Sad to say that their fruit shake was inexpensive but boring. I hope they can improve this one.

We were only able to try a few dishes, but I saw a huge potential in this restaurant.The Food was great. Staffs were attentive, efficient, and courteous. I would love to visit this place often!!! 


  1. Such a nice place. Libre mo ko jan ha hahaha

  2. Such a nice place. Libre mo ko jan ha hahaha

  3. dapat bf mo manlibre sayo jan diba hehehepara sweet