Monday, February 9, 2015


“Nakakahawa ang DEPRESSION” 

Whenever I am happy, there's a little voice telling me that I shouldn't be, and making me feel like I shouldn't be happy at all. Whenever I go out with friends and do something that I enjoy, a woman used to tell me that, “TOO MUCH HAPPINESS CAN MAKE YOU UNHAPPY”.

According to her, we often experience sadness than happiness (she’s such a pessimist, isn’t she?). This kind of attitude is what I’ve learned from her since when I was young. So I used a motto that would really match my personality and I even wrote this in our High school year book.
“Expect the worst so you won’t be disappointed”

 When I feel happy, I usually hold it back because I think sooner; I will be experiencing unbearable sadness. When we have a family problem, I know I can’t help with that and it causes me to have a very low self-esteem or self-hatred and it makes me feel that I don’t deserve to be happy. I know that depression can cause these types of feelings, so I am writing this “para di ako mabaliw” hahaha. 

see lonely sad pain picture and wallpaper
I can’t consider myself as a less fortunate because I have enough money to buy what I want, I save up for myself, I don’t have debt  and I live in a good roof. I hope there will be NO misunderstanding here coz I don’t think I am bragging. I am sure that there are some people who are causing me to feel this way. I am surrounded by people who are so depressed!!! “nakakahawa ang depression”. So I came up with a GOOD solution. I HAVE TO GET AWAY! ( haha parang madali noh?,) they need sympathy. They need me but I am not keen on handling people who are depressed. So I came up with a BEST solution, which is to PRAY for them. That is the best thing I can do. There's enough struggling and suffering in life so there is nothing wrong about being happy when you are. May mga tao kasi na pag masaya ka, tapos sila malungkot, Nagagalit... bat ganon? Pwede mo silang damayan, pero you shouldn't sacrifice your own happiness. You know OPTIMISM is a good vibes magnet. Avoid negative self-talk, it doesn't bring happiness.

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