The extent of my cheesiness!

Just for you!
by: Ruby Ejercito

Roses are red, Violets are blue
Someone loves you, so here's the clue...
She's loving and cute, as funny as you
no reason for you, not to like her too.

Her skin is fair, with an imperfect nose,
her hair is dry and frizzy too.
she may not wear some amazing clothes,
She's beautiful and that's all she knew.

Other's may think, she isn't kind.
know her well, and be surprised!
Don't be deceived with her tiger looks,
Judged her not, she's not a book.

When someone ask, "who's the lucky one?"
tell them that "she's RUBY so what?!"
those who hate, may wear a frown,
I don't care coz you're the one I've got.

So take my hands and hold me close,
grab it tight, don't let go!.
Bend on your knees, and offer a rose,
prepare a ring, I'll never say no.

Pink is for me, Gray is for you,
I'm counting days, to be married to you.
A lifetime with love, is waiting for two.
I'll be forever happy, so are you!

So here's the deal, go take some notes,
after the wedding, you'll be my boss.
I'll cook for you and wash your clothes,
just be with me, coz you're the one I chose.

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